Spelling Bee Contest: Students of cycle 1 and cycle 2 participate in this contest. The first round usually takes place in January inside classes. Five semi-finalists are taken from each class to compete with other semi-finalists from other classes in the second round which takes place in February. All semi-finalists receive achievement certificates and three winners from each cycle receive Spelling Bee medals.

Short Plays: Each class in cycle 1 presents a play, usually in spring, which is a role- play of a story they read with their teacher in class. Examples on such plays: The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Anna and the Dolphins etc.

A Musical: At the end of every school year the English department presents a musical that is the outcome of the cooperation between teachers of different classes. Students are usually chosen according to their talents and interests. Students who like to sing take part in the choir, those who like to act take part in acting, and those who have the talent of playing a musical instrument would find a place in the play too. Example on such musicals: Romeo and Juliet, Sound of Music, Annie, and Oliver Twist.

English Day: This is a cultural day where presentations, exhibitions, shows, games, dances and other activities take place to tell about the traditions, culture and civilization of a specific country that is usually chosen relying on the curriculum. Examples on such a day: The American Civilization, The British Day, World Civilizations etc.
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