Approach and Methods

The system of education provided by our School is based on the following approach:

The most important aspect of the approach is the attitude of the teacher, where teaching is in a form of play which fosters the blossoming of the child’s natural development. Learning can and should be made interesting, enjoyable, and fun.
A large portion of the teaching materials are produced at the school by the teachers, who customize their teaching aids to suit the interests and knowledge levels of the students.
Children learn spontaneously when their interest and curiosity are awakened. Teaching is confined to brief periods according to the natural attention span of each child, which is normally 15-30 minutes daily during the first two years. It is never extended beyond the child’s span interest.
The act of teaching consists primarily of exploring and using sensory images, objects and information given to the child in a pleasant and interesting manner and permitting him/her to observe and inquire about the subject, without compelling him/her to memorize. Colored flash cards with large images are utilized as convenient low cost teaching aids.
Rapid acquisition of basic reading and verbal skills in multiple languages occurs naturally by exposing the child to whole words as objects repetitively for very brief periods. In this manner at a young age even children of illiterate parents learn several languages as effortlessly as they normally learn to speak their native tongue.
Story telling is used to make learning fun and to share basic values of goodness, beauty, harmony, responsibility and right conduct.
Observation and Language are used to create a personal bond between the teacher and students which is rich, immediate, and enduring.
Information on people and other living things, places, history, geography, and other cultures are presented to the child in the form of stories, pictorial information and explanations combined together to present facts in a living, integrated context rather than as a series of separate divorced subjects.
Rapid acquisition of basic math skills is achieved through the use of number line method which enables the child to physically experiment and act out different combinations of addition and subtraction.

Suggested Alternative Educational Approach For KG:
Conventional New Information crammed into child's head
Integrated skills to develop a competent student Direct teaching Thematic teaching based upon on doing activities.
Assessment based on student's acquisition of materials.
Assessment based objectives.
Nevertheless, sensory perception, mental perception, acquisition and application are a must.
In addition to the above mentioned approach, various teaching methods are used in upper levels such as active learning, pair work, peer learning and group work instead of the traditional lecturing method.
We also enrich our methods by encouraging students to participate in drama work, stage performances, national celebrations, and cultural and heritage exhibitions.

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