Education programs

Pre-school program

The Pre-school is a three to five years cycle consisting of English Programs along with Arabic taught as complementary part .This cycle is divided into 3 classes which are nursery, Kg I and Kg II. The Pre-school is guided by early childhood education which is an essential building block that enhances the growth and development of the whole child.

The Pre- school curriculum includes Language Arts, Creative Arts, Reading and Writing Arts, Poems, Sciences, Math, Music, Story, Drama, Puppets and Physical Education. Students are encouraged to become active and independent learners, critical and creative thinkers, responsible adults and team players. Students are given the opportunity to construct meaning from their own varied learning experiences.

Saint Georges School works as a family where parents and children cooperate to create a healthy, positive and rewarding learning environment for the child. Saint Georges Pre-School Area is a place for young children to discover, explore, investigate, experiment and enjoy learning.

Main Pre-School Objectives

By the end of the cycle children should:

Know rules for classroom living, greeting teachers and other guests. Know names, ages, school, address and relatives. Ask questions correctly. Speak confidently, logically, coherently, correctly, audibly on a variety of topics within their range of experience Be aware of their environments, observe by using senses and recognize their surroundings Be able to show, share and tell about things, people , places… Show left to right, top to bottom progression in reading pictures and pre-writing exercises Acquire vocabulary within the range of their living experience. Dramatize the actions of animals and people. Acquire the gross motor skills (jumping, running, and others ) and fine motor skills (pre-writing and writing skills).

Primary Education

Primary section at Saint Georges School offers a high quality of education in a supportive and thoughtful environment. It allows students to express themselves and promotes a positive attitude towards creativity. Students are actively engaged in the learning process through the use of different resources and facilities provided to aid teaching methodologies. Our students are also involved in different activities in which they can relate knowledge to their personal experience or daily interactions.


Acquisition of tools of formal learning, namely, literacy, numeric and manual skills Acquisition of knowledge through observation, study and experimentation in the areas of social and natural sciences Development of physical strength and team-spirit through sports and games Acquisition of skills for planning and executing socially useful productive work Acquisition of habits of cooperative behavior within the family, school and community Development of aesthetic perception and creativity through participation in artistic activities and observation of nature Development of social responsibility and appreciation of own culture in addition to other cultures as well Development of the desire of serving the community

Secondary Education

Secondary section at Saint Georges School provides education that enables an individual to acquire knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes and values necessary for a successful performance of the responsibilities as a citizen and for a rewarding personal life.


Acquisition of the skills and habits of self-learning through using acquired knowledge, scientific reasoning, experimental techniques and communication skills Acquisition of a broad-based general education consisting of science, mathematics, social studies, languages and socially useful productive labor Acquisition of habits of healthy living and participation in games, sports and athletics for the maintenance of physical fitness Developing aesthetic appreciation and creativity through participation in artistic activities Exploring the world of work and understanding the realities of life in order to prepare for a confident entry into the world outside the school Participation in and promotion of social activities that serve the community Acquisition of habits and appreciation of the culture and life styles of other people from other religions, regions, and countries Being prepared to be active national and global citizens through local and international leadership programs

Special Needs Educational Program

Special Needs Educations is catered for at Saint Georges School through SKILD: Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences.

Saint Georges School was a pioneer in establishing a solid relation with SKILD in the year 2011 aiming at 3 main goals:

Screening and early detection of any student who might suffer from difficulties or special needs. Helping to offset the deficiency in acquired knowledge of the students with special needs through research based strategies and corrective programs in addition to therapies as psycho-motor to enhance the students’ performance. Elevating the level of awareness of tolerating others’ differences in the school and between students and their parents. SKILD works to enhance the perception, behaviors and approaches of properly behaving with special needs students through workshops.

Electronic School Program e-Skool

e-Skool contributes to the growth and success of Saint George Schools in 5 main steps

Add credibility and build interactive information of school life through an effective website Enrich parent-student bound through an online communicative and learning environment in order to develop the capacity of their children’s mental and intellectual learning Manage and evaluate all educational processes in order to strengthen cooperation and teamwork between coordinators and teachers Encourage teachers to integrate the use of technology into their classroom lessons and assignments Find data-driven solutions to the school’s most pressing challenges by collecting and analyzing feedback form students, parents, and teachers.
Thus, e-Skool is an advanced and secure educational technology aspiring to facilitate collaboration between school principals, coordinators, teachers, parents, and most importantly students. This is done through the 24/7 access students and parents have via their smart phones and the school website to upcoming schedules, homework, daily learning objectives, online resources, test results, conduct and attendance.

Medical School – MedSchool

The Medical School at Saint Georges is concerned with the different health services inside the school. It aims to secure a comprehensive caring system for students to establish an environment free of any health or psychological hazards. The Med-school team is composed of specialized doctors, dietitians, psychiatrists, Speech therapists and nurses. Students are provided with regular check-ups for early diagnosis of health problems as asthma, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure among others. This is conducted in close cooperation with the parents.

Career Guidance

This program aims at helping the school’s teenagers better make a choice of their academic major and future profession. This is conducted through orientation fairs as “Roadmap to your future: choosing a profession and college major”. Such fairs provided internationally recognized and validated personality rests that relate the student’s personality to the profession and major that best suit him. This is accompanied by individual counseling to optimize this benefit in addition to exchanging visits with universities to be introduced to the different opportunities and options.

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